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2019 Youth Football Board Application


Welcome to the 2019 OYF Board of Director Application. 


Thank you for your interest in joining the Orono Youth Football Program (OFY) Board of Directors.


Orono Youth Football is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization providing youth football fundamentals to students and residents of Orono School District.

The Orono Youth Football (OYF) board is guided by its primary objective of making the program as a whole the best it can be to help your player learn the game and enjoy the experience.  

This application will ask information regarding your interest in a position on the football board, collect basic information, inquire about your background in football and/or administrative responsibilities.

Please read through all questions and answer as thorough and completely as you care to.

Filling out this form does not guarantee a nomination or a position on the board. The information you provide will become the property of the OYF association and they are not required to give you an update on the status of your expressed interest.

New members will be elected to the board at the first, annual board meeting of the year and will be for a two-year term. Reelection to additional terms is allowed.  Sorry, only one member per family and must have a child playing football to qualify


The information provided in this application is secure and will not be shared without further notice.


Thank you for your interest in Orono Youth Football.